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PCM17 Expansion Pack

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PCM17 Expansion Pack

Notapor carlos_valverde » Mar 07 Nov, 2017 21:44:13 pm ... p?did=1105

- Complete 2017 rosters
- More than 3900 riders (including more than 1700 Free Agents)
- 135 teams (including 10 U23 development teams)
- Choice between a 2016 National Champions DB, and a 2017 NCs one
- PCM.daily's totally revised stats for all riders
- New rider potentials and popularities
- Totally revised favourite races for about 400 riders
- Doping 'injuries' for 29 riders
- 60 riders set to retire at the end of 2017
- Updated focus regions for all teams
- 2011 to 2016 Palmares for almost all races
- Updated and extended records
- 3 new game difficulties (Medium, Very Hard and Impossible)
- 16 real track riders from different nations with ladder stats
- Correct regions for almost all riders
- Real names for divisions, CQ Ranking and Vélo d'Or
- Cyanide News replaced with
- Correct directeur sportifs for all teams
- More realistic stat development for young riders
- More types of riders to be generated
- More realistic regen production from every country in the DB
- Completely redone realistic names for newly generated young riders
- Correct equipment brands for most teams
- Real track equipment
- 116 countries (12 more than the original game)
- National teams of Sweden and Ukraine replaced with Czechia and Ireland
- Updated translations where needed
- 444 real trainers
- 153 real physicians
- 321 real scouts

- Correct graphics for all teams
- More than 900 HQ custom sponsors
- NC, WC and/or race leader jerseys for many teams and custom sponsors
- Full accessories for almost all teams and most custom sponsors
- 2017 National Team jerseys
- New and updated leader jerseys
- Jacky Durand's Sponsorkits for the WT and .HC calendar and the WCs
- New flags replacing Cyanide's default ones
- Rider photos for all riders in a team and most free agents
- Logos for most races and real ones for race categories
- Custom newspapers for all races
- More national champions strips
- Updated ProCyclist mode trophy jerseys
- Real equipment photos for track mode
- Real frames of 58 different brands
- Real wheels of 30 different brands
- Real helmets of 33 different brands
- Real groupsets of 5 different brands

- 2017 race calendar with correct dates for almost all races
- 422 races (more than 100 new ones)
- Real or fantasy routes for GTs and other WT races (more in the Variants DLC)
- 2017 route of Giro d'Italia and collaborative Tour de France by PCM France
- 2017 or recent variants for almost all races in the calendar
- Several new isolated objects and 3D elements
- Realistic teams' lists for all races
- Correct rules and classifications for most races
- Added a lot of National Championships, including several ITT championships
- Real routes of the 2017 and 2018 World Championships

Pack variantes: ... p?did=1104
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Colaborador del PCM
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Re: PCM17 Expansion Pack

Notapor carlos_valverde » Dom 19 Nov, 2017 02:54:27 am

Parche que arregla los bugs de este pack expansion: ... p?did=1106
Colaborador del PCM
Colaborador del PCM
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